Custom Development *Dream Team* 72 Software Engineers

Pacific Mind Technologies (PMT) is a Hong Kong IT services company focused on the delivery and support of high value business solutions. Our capabilities utilize the combined power of 72 technology professionals .
We work closely with a variety of clients, from the newest startup to some of the most powerful companies in the world, to deliver quality technical solutions across a wide spectrum of technical and business needs. PMT helps maximize technical investment by providing cost, quality, and schedule certainty. We do this by delivering quality custom software to an agreed schedule. Our pricing is much lower than typical consultants or contractors, less costly even than in-house staff. This creates for our clients opportunity to do more for the budget they have. We help our clients deliver on their time and quality.
All of us at PMT are driven by the highest quality standards and our collective experience to meet and exceed customer expectations. We are proud of the work we do, easy to work with, and confident in our ability to deliver.

  • About PMT

    Founded in 2009, PMT today is an international team of more than 70 professionals. Our collective industry experience represents a wide variety of vertical specialisation. Many of our staff have post graduate degrees and years of client service experience.

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  • Our Competitive Strengths

    Client Relationships: We strive for lasting relationships with our clients that bring stability and confidence in us as a reliable partner and service provider. Our goal, which we have achieved to date, is never to lose a client, but to keep doing project after project.

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  • PMT Development Process

    PMT's development approach is based on the Rational Unified Process, which offer practicality, reusability and flexibility. We hope to demonstrate the common philosophy (quality, reliability, flexibility, reusability, maintainability, and leverage) inherent in all of our IT Projects...

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